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 Ship Models

On these pages you will find all types of ship models from all nations in a 1:1250 scale. There are war ships of the 1st and 2nd World War, large ocean passenger ships and liners, ferry boats, freighters and container ships as well as tankers; all from the past and/or the present.

The models are in finished condition, in the correct yardstick, finely in detail and hand painted in the original colours. You will be able to look thru a partial offer of my complete assortment for 1:1250 ship models of all considerable and relevant manufacturers.

In my hometown Litzendorf/Lohndorf, within the beautiful Frankonia/Bavaria, I keep quite a large stock, particularly for water-line ship models. Whereby, it is not very easy having all the models on stock, because many of them are manufactured in so called “one-man factories”, made by private persons in their spare time, sometimes produced very uniquely.

Many manufacturers neither do keep a large stock of models, because of the multiple models and the large investments that would need to be made. A number of models must be produced by them in hard and precise work. If however, one or the other of the ship models is ordered in a certain quantity, the desires are to be met faster. On novelties and “one-time”-models you can place standing orders according to your desires which give you some more advantage. They guarantee a faster receipt of the commodity.

If you place an order, I’d like to ask you to send me an additional list with alternative models which gives me more flexibility to act faster.

Orders for models which are not available at present, I will keep on the back hand and deliver them automatically after the production is finished, or subsequently with your next order.

For more than 35 years I export these beautiful models world-wide. I experienced the air mail as the best and most secure way for shipping. My E*S*M slogan is to pay attention and great care for a quick completion of any order. Furthermore, my principles are to make sure the goods are safely packed and to provide an overall good service with actual information across the model-ship sector.

My first presentation on this Website is about the NAVIS, NEPTUN, HANSA and MERCATOR model ship program. The entire Engert * Ship * Models offer is arranged in a complete bound E*S*M catalog, edition 5, on 100 pages. The pure air mail fee amounts to 10.00 €.

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